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Pregnancy Benefits From Exercise

Let it not be underestimated the benefits of exercise for those expecting a bundle of joy. Pregnancy does not mean mandatory sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, mothers to be should engage in moderate exercise to prevent the damage that sedentary lifestyles can bring about to health and well being.

It doesn’t take much to get in shape while pregnant.

As a matter of fact, a woman can get health benefits from the simplest of exercises and have fun too. First, ask one’s doctor as to which activities are recommended. Not all are the same and some women can do more during various stages of pregnancy than others. We’re not talking running a marathon here, that would be too intense, although some women do jog. For the beginner a simple regimen of brisk walking 3 or more times a week of a duration of 30 minutes or more is enough to burn off some calories and get the blood circulating.

Many women find that after pregnancy that it is quite a chore to get back their figure.

This goal can only be achieved with proper planning, diet, and exercise. It calls upon working with one’s doctor and perhaps a nutritionist and fitness coach. It won’t happen overnight and each woman’s weight gains are different. With proper discipline one can make great weight loss gains to the point of predictable outcome time, especially for swimsuit summer time.

High impact exercises are a no-no, One doesn’t want to cause trauma to the fetus. Exercises that cover the basics of good health such as calorie burning, circulation, breathing, will address the problem with little or no discomfort. Remember, the weight gained during pregnancy will vary and exercises at the beginning of gestation might be more difficult near the end as water and the fetus gain in size and weight so if one finds no decrease in weight but are exercising and dieting, then it is a good bet that this is the answer why. No discouragement here, just adjust to the changes.

Overall, fitness and pregnancy do go hand in hand with good medical advice and nutrition and by the end of thee day one will look good and feel good and perhaps set a shining example to other mothers to be.