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Golf’s Health Benefits

One might bellow a good guffaw at the idea that golf has health benefits, but in contrast, golfing can be a benefit on all levels.

Golf is a sport that is comprised of both physical, mental, and spiritual challenges. One must take a level of discipline and responsibility that other sports may not equal. It takes great patience, planning, execution, stamina, flexibility and intestinal fortitude. Golf isn’t just hitting a little ball toward a hole in the ground, no, it’s much more than that.

The sport is usually played in climate weather that allows for good breathing. Sunshine helps here along with the fresh air. Players dress in loosely fit clothing depending on temperature. A good sweat can be built up during a round of golf in warm to hot temps and that helps to flush out toxins from the body. Muscle control, strength, and strategy are repeated sometimes hundreds of times during a round. Specific muscle groups come into play and this adds to breath control and muscle control. These skills make for everyday locomotion more surefooted thus preventing injury from stumbles and falls.

Golf is a sport that is comprised of both physical, mental, and spiritual challenges.

Should one not use a golf cart, the walking about can be more than several kilometers in all. That kind of leg work burns off excess calories and improves circulation. Not only that, but the game keeps the mind sharp, offsetting age related maladies that might plague the senior set.

Playing in pairs also helps with exercise. It gives one a chance to rest between turns and encourages planning and good sportsmanship. The course design should be challenging enough to keep the heart pumping and the mind challenged thus giving the player a workout that covers the full gambit of fitness parameters.

Thus let it not be dismissed, the fitness value of golf. It may not be as intense as tennis nor cricket, but it’s got its own challenges that are enough to keep one fit and ready.