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Badminton Is Not For Wimps

Perish the thought that those who take up the game of badminton are the less than hearty. Anyone who has partaken of a rousing set of the game can tell you that it can be as intense as any tennis match.

One look at the international appeal and longevity of the sport should be a testament to the game’s popularity. It has risen from well over 2,000 years of development and one can find enthusiasts of varying degrees of intensity, often to the point of obsession.

All that being said, a simple glance at participants will show that a rigorous time can be had by all with a great sweat as part of the competition. Badminton keeps a player on their feet. Like tennis, the players have to keep moving, quickly and with sure footing. Leaping and jumping are also part of the action which contributes greatly to the cardio vascular exercise that all can benefit from. The sweating helps flush toxins from the system which is of great importance considering today’s toxins in the air and food as well as water.

Play can get rough.

It’s that intensity that makes badminton such a favorite for centuries. Racing to and fro to hit the shuttlecock over the net and deliver serves calls for quick reflexes that help to burn off excess calories. If one needs to get rid of the puffy middle, a rousing game of badminton on a regular basis, along with a calorie cutting nutritional diet can do wonders in a short period of time. In addition, the activity can boost one’s metabolic rate both awake and sleeping which is of considerable importance to fat loss.

Overall, badminton is a sport that all can enjoy, it can get just as intense as any other sport thus not supporting the reputation that it is for wimps or less sports acumen.