Downham Health & Leisure Centre

Swimming is a great way to improve fitness, tone up and burn calories. Its low-impact too so there’s less risk of injury and it’s a great addition to other training programmes.

Pool Safety for Children

You must decide what level of supervision each child needs from you in the light of his/her swimming ability and the water depth and features of our swimming pool.
As a minimum, each child under 8 must be directly supervised in the water by its parent, or an adult (aged 18 or over). This is recommended by the Health & Safety Executive.
No more than 2 children under 8 may be supervised by one parent or adult (aged 18 or over).

Pool Water Hygiene

Please help us to keep the pool water clean and clear for your bathing enjoyment. Before entering the pool:

  • Use the toilet
  • Have a shower
  • Blow your nose
  • Ensure that your swimwear is clean
  • Ensure that babies/ small children wear swim nappies if required

If you have had diarrhoea, you MUST NOT swim until you have been symptom free for at least 48 hours.


Need ideas of what to do in the pool to keep fit or train for events? Register for Swim4Fitness and get access to tailored training plans suited to your needs, either for fitness, triathlon training or general well being. You can also challenge a friend, get expert advice and more! Go to the website here:

FREE Swimming for Lewisham residents aged 16 and under!

Make a splash with your friends! It’s free outside of school hours and it’s a great way to have fun, get fit and stay healthy! All you need to do is fill out a form at your local library and remember your card each time you want to swim!

Do you live in Lewisham? Are you over 60 or receiving disability allowance? Do you like to swim?

If so, sign up for the Be Active Scheme to go swimming for FREE!
If you would like more information here.
You may also be eligable for 25% off casual activities if you are receiving certain benifits or full a time student!

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